DX Large Series


Robust Machine Designed for
Heavy & Interrupted Cutting

DX Large Series CNC turning centers are the most robust machine
designed for heavy & interrupted cutting.

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High Performance
Vertical Machining Centers

To match demand of greater accuracy & total reliability at higher
speeds Jyoti CNC has developed RX Series Vertical Machining Centers.

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NX Series


Specially used in the applications
of complex work-piece

A heavy duty double column machining centre is ideal for
multi axis heavy machining through wide gap maintained between two columns.
Rigid and heavy structure design

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Propelling Innovations

Imagine a world without technology; it would be a world without life, without possibilities.

A dream becomes reality when there is a path leading to it. This path is of opportunities that turn true & a journey that reaches the destination.

At Jyoti, our mission is to create solutions in technology to contribute to a prosperous life.

Our dedication to innovation pushes us to materialize the possibilities that can ensure a completely satisfying life. Everyone in the circle of life benefits from our propelling technology towards a prosperous life.

Boosting Features

with our various machines


Leading CNC Machine Manufacturing Company

Jyoti CNC Automation Limited is the largest one-stop solution for computerized machine cutting tools. Our products are manufactured &  assembled locally with a customer centric approach. We are leaders in wide range of CNC Turning Center, CNC Machining Center (3-4-5 Axes), CNC Horizontal Machining Center, Vertical Line CNC Machines, VTL’s etc. Our commitment to using advanced technology to manufacturing these machines to ensure supreme quality of our products.

Our Subsidiary

Huron, A 150 years old Machine Tool Giant, Pioneer in 5 axes machining technology.

We humbly feel a pride for our TINY contribution to the maiden success of


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Vision 2020

Propelling Technology

Prospering Life

Product Updates


Introducing VTL 500

VTL Series machines are specially designed for larger diameter components machining in heavy engineering industries.

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